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T14 : The Transept and the Altar
The altar is featured at the crossing of the transept with the nave, at the centre of the Cross. It is at this merging point that the Union of Heaven and Earth materializes through the consecration of "the fruit of earth and of man's labour".
The altar is set on the top of a three-stairs flight representing the three levels of creation : the tangible, the subtle and the spiritual levels. The Eucharistic Consecration’s Mystery establishes the coronation and completion of creation.
The ark supports the cubic altar and will row it over one side of the transept to the other, from the beginning till the end of times, from the original paradise to the Eden of the Jerusalem to come, from Alpha to Omega.
The Ark - the Church, preserves this Holy depository and passes it on as our history develops. Together with the vault of heaven (the edifice's dome) it builds a full circle, thus symbolizing oneness between the mystical Body of the Church and the Divine Being.